Refund / AML ( Anti Money Laundering) policy is an addition to our general Terms and Conditions, to ensure that you understand both policies please read the documents before creating an account. As a protection of the customer and the business we implemented Money Laundering and Refund Policy. If you are funding your account with a Credit / Debit card we reserve the right to reverse the charges as part of the withdrawal. If any card purchases are considered as a risk flagged by security systems we have in place or any of the card processing companies used, we reserve the right to initiate refunds for all of such transactions back to the credit card.
Customers also need to be aware that we use:

  • KYC procedures for identification purposes
  • External security systems
  • GeoLocation checks
  • Transactional deposit limits
  • Internal account screening

All above tools are used in order to provide as safe environment as possible for our customers, partners and business as general.